Cancellation and Refund Policy

a.    Cancellation :

For cancellation Service Seeker can use cancellation options in the App or directly from the dashboard of the registered customer account on web portal of the VICHARE EXPRESS. The Service Seeker can cancel the order at any time before the order has been initiated or completed by the RUNNER.

1.    VICHARE EXPRESS shall confirm and initiate the execution of the transaction initiated by you upon receiving confirmation from you for the same. If you wish to cancel a transaction on the Platform, you shall select the cancel option on the Platform. It is to be noted that you may have to pay a Cancellation Fee for transactions initiated on the Platform for which work has already been commenced by the RUNNER, as the case may be. With respect to work commenced by RUNNER the Cancellation Fee will be charged to you, which will be in accordance with the Cancellation and Refund policies of VICHARE EXPRESS.

Order Placed – but RUNNER not assigned: Yes, in this scenario you can cancel the order at no additional cost i.e. Refund of 90% of Delivery Services Fee

Order Placed – RUNNER has been assigned to your order: You can cancel the order, we will be charged you Cancellation Fee .i.e. Rs.40 /- per transaction will be deducted from the Delivery Services Fees and balance will be refunded.

Order Placed & picked for delivery and in transit: You can stop order delivery, we will be charged you Cancellation Fee i.e. 100% Delivery Services Fee, No refund. You may inform RUNNER as soon as possible and Additional same Delivery Services Fee are applicable for this order as a Return to Origin Fees (equal to Delivery Services Fee).

2.    VICHARE EXPRESS may cancel the transaction initiated by you on the Platform, if:

                     I.    in the event of the Pick-Up Point or Dropoff Point following outside the service zone offered by us;

                    II.    failure to get your response via phone or any other communication channel at the time of confirmation of the order booking;

                   III.    if a RUNNER is not available to perform the services, as may be requested or by any issue beyond our control such as force majeure events;

Refund of 100% of Delivery Services Fee

3.    RUNNER may cancel the transaction initiated by you on the Platform, if:

                     I.    If the Parcels/Goods differ from the description given in the Order Request;

                    II.    If the Parcels/Goods present dimensions greater than those set out in the Order Request;

                   III.    If the Parcels/Goods have no packaging or are insufficiently packaged or not labeled correctly;

                  IV.    The transaction involves supply/delivery of any material good that is illegal, prohibited, offensive or violative of the Terms of Use.

                   V.    if VICHARE EXPRESS RUNNER has to wait for over 15 minutes for you or your Service Seeker and/or Receiver to complete the pick-up or drop for any reason including the RUNNER’s inability to contact you on the telephone numbers provided or your Service Seeker and/or Receiver;


The cancellation by the RUNNER of the Delivery of Goods for the aforementioned reasons must be considered as Cancellation by the User and we will be charged you Cancellation Fee .i.e. Rs.40 /- .


And in case, RUNNER may cancel the transaction initiated by you on the Platform, if.


                     I.    inability to proceed/complete the order due to lack of information, direction or authorization from you;

                    II.    inability to complete the order/task due to reasons beyond our control such as force majeure events.


The cancellation by the RUNNER of the Delivery of Goods for the aforementioned reasons must be considered as Cancellation by the User and the full price shall be billed to the User, means No Refund to the Service Seeker.


b.    Refund :

You shall only be able to claim refunds of Delivery Services Fee for transactions initiated by you, only if you have already pre-paid the Delivery Services Fees with respect to such transaction.

Subject to relevant refund policy and in accordance therein, you shall be eligible to get the refund in the following circumstances:

1.    Your package has been tampered or damaged at the time of delivery, as determined by VICHARE EXPRESS basis the parameters established by VICHARE EXPRESS in its sole discretion.

2.    If the wrong service has been delivered to you, which does not match with the service for which you had initiated a transaction on the Platform.

3.    VICHARE EXPRESS has cancelled the order because of any reason mentioned under (a-2) above.

4.    Due to lapse of RUNNER, concerned order delivered Next Day

5.    All decisions with respect to refunds will be at the sole discretion of VICHARE EXPRESS and in accordance with VICHARE EXPRESS’s internal refund policy (Refund Matrix) and the same shall be final and binding. All refunds initiated by VICHARE EXPRESS shall be refunded to the financial source account from which, you have initiated the transaction on the Platform.

c.    How to get a Refund :

User can send a mail to within 2 days from the day of order with subject line “Order ID. Reference #-Complaint Category” or raise a complaint against specific order directly from ‘Order History’ page in the web/mobile application. If the refund request is approved by VICHARE EXPRESS grievance Redressal Officer, refund amount will be credited to Service Seeker within 15 (Fifteen) Days (excluding holidays).

VICHARE EXPRESS reserves the right to approve or decline a refund request; refund claim will be processed by gathering information about order delivery from service provider. The status of the claim will be shared along with reason for approval/decline with Service Seeker via registered email id.

For Cancellations with help of Customer Support Executive, please contact us via chat on the website. Our specialist will attend your requests in working hours within availability waiting period regulated by Customer Support instructions.

For any disputes or questions, you can place requests on email to and our investigation team will see each case in order within 2 working days. Written conclusion in form of response on email will be given on every request within 7 Days.